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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

New meme! I'm going to be teasing excerpts from my male-POV WIP every Tuesday after Top Ten. A quick pitch of my WIP would be a YA Sherlock Holmes meets American Gods. No spoilers, of course.

If Cerek ever saw a tube of lipstick, it would be a hundred years too soon.
“Oh, stop with the sulking. You got your prize in the end, didn’t you?”
He stared at Rose. “It took me half an hour to convince her that thing wasn’t for me.”
She straightened up from under the hood of the car and wiped at her nose with the crook of her elbow. “And now we both have confirmation that you won’t run away screaming whenever I ask you to do something questionable. It’s win-win. Get me a beer from the back.”
Cerek threw his hands up and climbed out of the passenger seat. Of course she had stolen beer. When he popped open the trunk, he wasn’t the least bit surprised to see his dad’s favorite cooler sitting beside his duffal bag and Rose’s backpack.
He still hesitated before opening the cooler. “We’re on the side of the road.”
“A road off the highway in mid-state Kansas. You think anyone’s going to care if two eighteen year olds knock a few?”
Cerek took out two bottles and shut the trunk with his elbow. Rose popped open them with a twist of his dad’s wrench. He had yet to say anything about the tools too, but at least she had taken the spare box. On top of stealing the Skylark, the cooler, the beer, maxing out the emergency credit card twice and kidnapping him, the spare toolbox should be considered the cherry on top.
“Even better, you didn’t phone your dad when you had the chance. You're starting to trust me.”
He ignored her amused tone and thought carefully. Cerek had checked the motel’s phone when Rose had gone to the bathroom. How she managed to talk her way into getting the phone blocked was well beyond anything he wanted to know. Then Cerek remembered the saleswoman eyeing the phone at her side and resisted the urge to slap his palm against his forehead. 
Despite his excellent self-control, Rose laughed. “Man, I bet you get itchy at the thought of lying to a falling star.”


  1. (Skylark's are totally not worth stealing, lol. *previous owner*)

    Frankly, I want to know what happened *before* this, lol, with the tube of lipstick. ;) Very intriguing, overall. I'm wondering with the "falling star" whether it's more Stardust than American Gods

    1. (Re:Skylark Noooooooo! And I'm sure Rose would be offended on behalf of "her" Skylark to hear that. ;)

      Why, thank you. I'm glad I was able to make lipstick so intriguing. Unfortunately, the falling star is more a one-liner. Rose gets a lot of those, as I am addicting to writing them!