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I'm immortally interested in cultural/literary deconstructions, feminism, anti-racism, South Korea, Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, Hayao Miyazaki, Diana Wynne Jones, food (including but not limited to maple butter, tomatoes, and toast), fairy tales, parentheses, paper airplanes, films and books.


about me

Liv is a writer, self-proclaimed Holmesian and a somewhat enthusiastic student. As an aspiring author, Liv writes YA urban fantasy, post-apocalypse and psychological thrillers, occasionally mixing the two of the three together.

This Holmesian hopes to be agented before the end of 2012 . . . because the move will make it that much harder to make time for blogging and querying, not because of the world's end. Realizing that not everyone likes to follow GFC, this Holmesian offers several methods of contact that will surely grow as this blog will:

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